There is something really great going on in the business data space. A battle of the network carriers is happening. And it means your business is the ultimate winner!

Business in 2021 is almost completely reliant on a fast and stable data connection. From phones to email, accounting to banking, video conferencing to cloud-based applications, internet is the most important bit of infrastructure for most businesses. The carriers know this and are battling it out for your connection.

With the release of the NBN’s new Enterprise Ethernet service, affordable genuine business-grade fast fibre, Telstra has gone one better and absolutely slashed the prices of their business fibre offering. We are seeing pricing at almost half what we were seeing only a couple of years ago.

Cybertel is proud to be able to offer all flavours of data, from every network carrier in the country at some of the most competitive pricing ever seen in the market. To take advantage of the networks battle for your connection, contact us for a comprehensive Data Service Qualitificaton at your address now!

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